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They stole my money and won't return any of it.

Incompetent P.O.D. Could not produce my book as per our agreement.

Very young inexperienced girls run the company in a fraudulent manner.

They say the author comes first. Reality check shows it's all talk, no substance behind the talk.

Author signs contract. Llumina Press never signed the contract for their side of the agreement, but said it's okay, don't worry. HA!

Check around to find out, they are unusual in their lack of customer support. Others are nicer, faster, more cooperative and less costly.

Also they don't give an accurate accounting for royalties.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #1198925

They published my book and when they decided to close they advised me to send them some information plus $50 for them to make sure I would be protected by uploading my book into CreateSpace. I sent the $50 and nothing has happened.

I have asked a few times for un update and got no answer.

Additionally, I know I sold about 35 copies since its publication and never got any royalties.

It is a shame that you trust some people and they, unfortunately, do not reciprocate. I would not blame everyone in that company though, they follow instructions.

to Anonymous Bernardsville, New Jersey, United States #1230292

Same situation, except I sent Deborah $250.00 for book files and new ISBN to transfer to create space. I'm still waiting and she has no answer for me. My book has been out 9 years and I know actual people who have bought it, both in paper and Kindle but stopped getting royalties years ago.


I think that they can be slow and inefficient. However, as an author, I have always considered them to be honest (as long as you ignore the marketing bluster).

Montgomery, Alabama, United States #962384

My complaint is similar. Refusal to return emails and no explanation for royalties not sent.

to ed Thousand Oaks, California, United States #962401

Well, why not dupe the writer who is eager to publish months and years of hard work? Get 'em while they are weak and vulnerable!

That's their method of operations, especially when the writer does not live in Florida where it would be easier to get to them to fight the stolen money.

What a world!

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